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Clean operating room

time :2020-03-09 author : from: scanning : classify :英文解决方案

Clean Operating Room

 HCS clean operating room central monitoring software is integrated management software providing users with monitoring, alarm, information management and remote diagnosis by taking dynamic graphics as interfaces based on Windows operating platform. Due to the adoption of a Client/Server framework, the software can be connected with many clients and simultaneously operate with them (such as nurse station, equipment department, etc.).

 HCS clean operating room monitoring software not only can integrate operating room purification air conditioner control systems to realize local operation but also can realize message alarm and remote monitoring through 3G.

 HCS monitoring software can directly collect and output the information about any one local controller in an operating room purification air conditioner control system. By these collected data, the monitoring software can set corresponding unit parameters such as temperature/humidity setting, air valve opening, water valve opening, air supply and exhaust pressure, indoor differential pressure, the frequency of frequency converters and other kinds of related information.

Application Occasions

 Haoxing automatic constant-temperature and constant-humidity operating room control system is mainly applied to hospital operating rooms, ICUs and other clean occasions, and can realize constant temperature, constant humidity and constant-pressure control as well as various chaining protection and alarm functions.