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Key words:  Physical and chemical laboratory,laboratory,laboratory ventilation system,physics and chemistry labortory,laboratory physics and chemistry laboratory 



P&C Laboratory

 P&C laboratory mainly refers to a laboratory for testing and analyzing the physical properties and chemical components of matters by modern scientific technical means. Its safety is mainly reflected by whether the quality of air inside the laboratory is guaranteed or not. Its technical problems are solved mainly depending on laboratory airflow control (ventilation).

 Energy is saved from people’s awareness on the laboratory to the control over two kinds of stable airflow during operation or free time, and the airflow is intelligently controlled from the control over instant airflow realized by applying frequency conversion technologies to operating conditions; every step of progresses are realized along with the development of technologies.

 Laboratory airflow control is a dynamic adjustment progress of maintaining laboratory air quality and life safety, keeping airflow balance and saving energy to the maximum extent according to different processes of laboratory operation in a laboratory air exhaust, compensation and adjustment system.


Operator safety: capture and obstruct harmful gases.

Comfort: reduce indoor air supply and exhaust volume to ensure steady and uniform airflow, thus better controlling the temperature and reducing environmental noise.

Ventilation: ensure the ventilation rate of the laboratory.

Stabilize the differential pressure of the room: ensure correct airflow directions.