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      Zhuhai Haoxing Control System Co., Ltd. is an industrial automation enterprise integrating scheme design, R & D, production, sales and service. It is committed to providing customers with solution design and high-precision automatic control products for cleaning and ventilation automation. 
     Since 1994, the company has been committed to the development, research and application of industrial automation control system. It has a professional team of scientific and technological talents engaged in the development of automation system and engineering services. It always adheres to the fundamental principle of enterprise development of "saying good faith, doing good things and being able to do good". It has established its business with "faith", established its business with "ability" and served the market. It adheres to the management of "scientific and technological innovation, hundred year enterprise" Objective, with advanced design, technology research and development, perfect personnel training system, efficient after-sales service, it is well-known in clean and ventilation automation system industry. 
     The company focuses on the scheme design of the automation system of clean operating room, animal laboratory, biosafety laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, GMP pharmaceutical factory and clean workshop in the hospital of cleaning and ventilation industry. It has high-precision venturi VAV, butterfly valve, liquid crystal intelligent controller, sensor, remote central monitoring system, intelligent clean touch screen and other ventilation control products, which are widely used in medicine Institute, biology, medicine, scientific research institutions, chemical industry, petroleum, government inspection and other institutions.
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